You probably don't have time to waste, neither do we.


What a surprise, we provide software engineering and development services! Our talented teams can architect and bring to life the most complex distributed systems with a UX so smooth that you'd like all of your applications to have only that kind of interface. From the idea stage to the deployment, your journey with us will not  disappoint you!


Any business can be made better with an appropriate software! Our team of business analysts will help you to get on the path of improvement and guide you through the thorns of requirements engineering to create a software product that will satisfy even the most peculiar person in your organization. 


Data is the new gold! If your organization has a pile of it and would like to refine it to gold, SDC is the right choice! Our team of data analysts would not let a single pattern slip through their tensors. The higher number of dimensions in the data light sparkles in their eyes and bring value to your business.

Yerevan, Armenia
Remote-first is the way!


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